Current Projects

2016/17 Theater Projects

THE LITTLE ROCK PROJECT – a new theater work based on oral histories and interviews about the history and current state of segregation in schools and communities.  Ryan Gilliam, director, in collaboration with DTA’s resident company of teen girls.

Untitled – new theater project in development by Iraq veteran and actor Alberto Pichardo and director Ryan Gilliam around issues of community policing.

2016/17 Community Projects and Collaborations

Lower East Side participation in NYC Cultural Plan – working with other LES community and cultural groups to engage residents and workers in ‘Create NYC’, expanding process to learn more deeply about the cultural assets and needs of the Lower East Side.

Artist residencies – DTA will be collaborating with three local campaigns – supporting tenants at risk of displacement, small business survival, and addressing the needs of public housing residents – through three artist residencies.  Partner organizations include Cooper Square Committee, East Village Independent Merchants Association (EVIMA) with Fourth Arts Blocks, and GOLES.

Lower East Side History Month – Downtown Art is co-founder and co-chair of LES History Month, which will take place for the 4th year in May 2017.  Special events during the month which we lead include

  • LES Stories / Chalking the LES: a large scale community event to chalk the history of the LES on its streets
  • LES Community Hero Awards:  recognizes residents and workers whose contribution to the community are not widely known – our ‘unsung’ heros
  • ‘In Our Own Words’ – presentations and special events around the broad range of oral history collections about the Lower East Side

Special ‘Mini’ Projects & Events

  • Workshops on music recording and editing for DTA ‘Grad’ artists by Michael Hickey
  • Partnering on ‘Sustain’ with FABnyc and e.s.a. – special events and creative workshops around recycling and sustainability
  • Concert of DTA ‘grads’ – Zen Anton & Alice Quinn-Makwaia
  • Community celebration of Jan Hanvik
  • Hosting meetings of Groundswell: Oral Historians for Social Change
  • Hosting meetings of Community Board 3