Teens: applying and auditioning

Our next round of auditions will be for additional company members to join the LITTLE ROCK Project in winter 2016.  We will be seeking young women ages 13-18.  Please email Ryan if you are interested in auditioning:  ryan@downtownart.org

Downtown Art uses an application and audition process to select all our artists for the upcoming season.

About our auditions:

  • These are group auditions – you will be working with others.
  • You will fill out an information form and receive information on the company and its upcoming projects.
  • You will be assigned a short scene to work on with other actors. After a brief rehearsal together, you’ll present your scene to the group.
  • You’ll sing a round of ‘Happy Birthday’.
  • You’ll have the chance to speak to the director, in the group and afterwards, about questions you may have.

Things to know:

  • Come on time!
  • Friends and family members can drop you off and pick you up, but they cannot stay and watch the auditions.
  • Despite what you might think, the auditions are fun!!!
  • Don’t get too worried or nervous. This is a relaxed and welcoming place. Come down, find out more, have a little fun working on a scene….and see if Downtown Art might be a good place for you.